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Additional Aesthetic Services

Additional Aesthetic Services

Come experience our diverse services for brows, spray tans, and skin renewal treatments at North Georgia Aesthetics. Our estheticians offer custom facials, HydraFacials, eyebrow tinting, spray tans, Sylfirm, and CO2 treatments, as well as free consultations for skincare and treatments. Enjoy exceptional personalized care in a relaxing, private environment.

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is the perfect service if you want your eyebrows to have a defined shape while framing your face and being the right color. Eyebrow tinting usually uses a semi-permanent vegetable-based dye. Eyebrow tinting is an excellent way to enhance and improve the natural color of your eyebrows while accentuating their shape. One of our estheticians will work with you to pick the best shade to complement your complexion and hair color before shaping and tweezing your eyebrows for symmetry. We will then apply the tint, which only takes 30 minutes before it reveals your newly thicker, bolder, and more shapely brows. You’ll feel more beautiful and like the best version of yourself after eyebrow tinting.

Spray Tan – Hand-Applied


  • One-time Spray Tan Application | $45
  • Half body Spray Tan Application | $25
  • Package of 3 Spray Tan Applications | $120
  • Package of 5 Spray Tan Applications | $190
  • Package of 10 Spray Tan Applications | $350

*Disposable undergarments included

One Hour Rapid spray tan solution is designed with warm brown undertones to give a natural tan with the ability to rinse sooner to achieve the same great look.

Natural Color Complex enhances Norvell’s just-off-the-beach color by helping improve skin’s texture and hydration.

Tomato Seed Extract helps prevent signs of aging and enables oxygen absorption in the skin.

Vitamin C helps stimulate collagen to tighten and smooth the skin.

Vitamin E helps block free radicals from the skin to reduce wrinkles and keep the skin youthful looking.

Aloe Barbandensis Leaf Extract moisturizes the skin to help with anti-aging.

Norvell’s spray tan is free from parabens, gluten, sulfates, and cruelty, making it non-comedogenic, 100% vegan, and safe for those with nut allergies.

woman with spray tan

PDO Threads

PDO threads are an excellent way of smoothing away visible signs of aging. It’s a highly effective treatment performed by Dr. Hayek that uses dissolvable PDO (polydioxanone) threads. These threads help lift and tighten saggy or droopy skin on your face, including around your eyebrows, lower face, neck, and jowls. PDO threads help stimulate the production of new collagen. Producing new collagen helps your face look more plump, naturally, which can last 1-2 years. PDO threads take about 60 minutes to complete and are customized for each patient to target your specific trouble areas. You’ll only need a topical numbing cream for maximum comfort. Your body absorbs the threads, and then, as it heals, it produces more collagen and elastin. This leads to an improvement in texture, tone, and contours. You’ll no longer have to worry about hooded brows, jowls, or a double chin after going through with PDO threads.

Sylfirm & CO2 Treatments

At North Georgia Aesthetics, we offer the cutting-edge Sylfirm X microneedling system to actively renew skin. This first-of-its-kind dual-wave device pairs radiofrequency and microneedling with pulsed wave technology to remold collagen and elastin at the deepest layers. Sylfirm X evenly refines texture, brightens tone, firms laxity, and restores a healthy, luminous glow. For optimal tightening and clarity, we incorporate stimulated CO2 infusion to accelerate the Sylfirm X benefits. This powerful pair works synergistically to target advanced signs of aging for dramatically smoother, vibrant skin.

Schedule a Free Consultation at North Georgia Aesthetics

North Georgia Aesthetics offers free consultations to help you determine the best treatment plan for your skin care needs and aesthetic goals. During this consultation, our esthetician will determine which of our results-oriented facials is best for you. Our Ready, Set, Glow facial helps reveal your brightest, smoothest skin after only one session. If you’re looking for a more intense way to renew your skin, our Lift and Glow facial is an excellent choice if you have an event or a photoshoot and want to look your best. This facial leaves you with a healthy, radiant glow and helps you look gorgeous, inside and out. Our innovative facials and skincare consultations with our esthetician ensure that you leave with a customized aesthetic plan to help you reveal your most beautiful, glowing skin.